Discover Your Untold Story

Our narrative-focused method is aimed at creating engaging stories by honing in on essential details and shaping them into a potent message that resonates with your audience visually.

Chapter 1

Developing the Narrative

In the initial phase, it's imperative to capture the core elements of your narrative. We engage in in-depth research to gather critical details, refine these insights, and develop a concept that effectively conveys the key messages to your target audience.

What we'll do

Deep research into your company/product/service

Shape your narrative through a tailored creative concept and scripting process

Establish a cohesive brand identity with a comprehensive style guide for brand uniformity

Write the script with scene descriptions

Phase 02

Visualizing the Concept

In this phase, our goal is to transform your message into a compelling visual story. We will convert the script into preliminary sketches and then refine these into detailed storyboard designs, vividly bringing your ideas to fruition.

What we'll do

Work together on developing the storyboard framework

Evaluate and refine the visual style

Create the storyboard

Illustrate the graphics

Phase 03

Animation Production

With all the components in place, we’re ready to bring your story to life with confidence. Our team takes the reins to capture the essence of your message through animation and sound design.

What we'll do

Voiceover narration

Animate the graphics

Sound design

Ownership rights + file transfer

Our approach is a refined craft, consistently transforming intricate narratives into captivating stories with proven success.

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