Our Story

Helping Companies Make the Complex Simple

Our Mission

Time and time again, the same story unfolds. Companies lose focus, muddle their messages, and leave their customers puzzled.
In 2016, we made it our mission to turn the tide.

We started Apex Explainer Videos to eradicate complicated communications.

We simply LOVE our craft.

More than eight years on, our knack for crafting crystal-clear narratives remains unmatched. In the intricate art of making complex ideas accessible, Apex Explainer Videos stands as a beacon of clarity, consistently translating intricate technical concepts into engaging stories. As pioneers in top-tier explainer videos, our work transcends mere animation. We sculpt narratives that distill your message to its essence, grabbing attention and delivering tangible outcomes.Rely on us to morph your intricate concepts into influential videos. For us, it transcends mere video creation; it's about weaving narratives that not only captivate but also deeply resonate, effectively communicating sophisticated ideas with precision and impact.

What we do everyday

Equipped with an exceptional team of dedicated Producers, exceptionally talented voiceover actors, graphic artists, and animators, you can depend on us to seamlessly integrate with your team as a trustworthy and efficient extension. We're here to save you time, optimize your workflows, and guarantee unwavering quality throughout every phase of content creation.

What makes us Apex?

At the core of Apex Explainer Videos lies a culture that is both results-driven and people-centric.
Our deeply ingrained values ensure we stay true to this ethos.

Fastest Turnaround Time

While others typically require 10-12 weeks to produce a 100-second video (like this), we deliver the same in just 6 weeks—without the 50-70% extra rush order fee that other studios impose. We can do this by dedicating a few members of our animation team to work on one project at a time, which improves efficiency and overall turnaround time.

Unlimited Revisions At Every Stage

We ensure your complete satisfaction—a distinctive promise, as most studios restrict revisions to only 2 or 3 (extras come at your expense, often very expensive). You

Best Value (Price-To Quality Ratio)

If you find a better price at the same level of quality/complexity, we'll not only match it but also beat it by an additional 10%. We're confident we're offering the best value in the industry. Prove us wrong!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

A full refund policy cannot be found in our industry due to the 100+ hours of labour/expertise involved. We know you're taking a huge leap of faith by signing with us.
To make it fair for both parties, we're ready to take this risk alongside you.  

You deserve the best, partner with Apex

Avoid taking huge financial and time risks. Imagine spending over 10 weeks and a fortune, only to end up with a final product you're not happy with, or one that far exceeds your initial budget because the studio didn't get it right. You'd probably never take that risk again, even though explainer videos can extremely effective when done correctly. With Apex Explainer Videos, you can avoid the headache, save time and money, and attract new clients.
All without any risk on your end.

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